Friday, May 16, 2014

I surrender

The day started well enough! GOD, got me up at 3:20am to sit with HIM, and PRAY over my husband, kids, friend and others HE, has allowed me to cross paths with. While sitting with the LORD, I'm trying to give HIM my day as we have Graduation rehearsal today and some last minute details to take care of and Pat and I leave for our Anniversary trip the day after Graduation. As the day starts trying to take over my time with GOD, I start fighting with my flesh! One of the first things I was going to give up was my run! Flesh, you can make it up tomorrow! Holy Spirit, tomorrow's Graduation!  Flesh you can make it up on your trip.GOD, yea but are you?! This went on for about 30mins and Maquila walks in (our youngest) she wants to run, we get dress grabbed Max ( our  Lab) and off we went! Can I tell you that my time with the LORD, the last week has been all about surrender,  perseverance and unexpected BLESSINGS. Maquila wanting to run was one of those BLESSINGS!! We had a GREAT run,  I got to PRAY a bit more and make GREAT memories with our youngest child! It's easy to give your self a break!!

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